One of the areas I envisioned for EduSpirit was a direct sharing of ideas by educators. In this video, I am translating a personal practice to a teaching practice through the use of Oracle cards.

  • How can we use these cards in our professional life?
  • What activities can we structure through these types of cards that will elicit students’ intuitive, creative, and innovative natures?
  • How can we use these cards to target all learners through visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic modalities?

So fun!

I encourage any of you… students, parents, teachers, administrators, teacher educators, and all creative minds out there to contribute your ideas. You may contact me directly through the contact page and we can work on getting those ideas out there.

And thanks everyone for being patient with me as I work out all the technical quirks of running a blog, editing video, and managing several social media platforms simultaneously. Right now I’m having some challenges with the audio on my “good” camera, so the video today is a bit grainy since I used my laptop’s internal camera.

But to reflect on today’s message…

Regardless of the challenges that arise as we begin our busy week, it is always important to take a moment – even just a deep breath – to center ourselves and to be reverent in our outlook of the gifts, beauty, and wonders all around us.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with the vibratory nature of water and how intent & frequency shape water crystals is not only fascinating but it provides us with a concrete understanding of how our words carry energy. What we say and the intent behind our language has an energetic impact on those around us. Just because we cannot SEE the effects our words have on other people, we have a sense (a feeling) of how these words feel. A loving message holds high energetic frequency that serves to uplift another person, whereas words intended to hurt, separate, and disparage create discordant vibrations felt in the heart.

So, let’s be reverent in the words we choose and mindful of the energy behind what we say and how we are saying it. This is what it means to be in the spirit while educating from our hearts.

Much love,


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