Introduction to Five Element Theory: vLog_2019

Dear EduTribe,

After not having made a video in almost 2 years, I decided to explore video-blogging again. It’s a challenge to ‘put yourself out there’ in front of a camera knowing that once an image or video is made public there really is no turning back.

I have my students to thank. They have motivated me to get back online to share some of my experiences and expertise with integrating healing and energy modalities into pedagogy. I have decided to make a series of videos that detail the ways in which I have conceptualized using these modalities to create curriculum, set up classroom environments, work with children/students, and set the intention for peace, centeredness, and tranquility in educational spaces.

The first video is a brief introduction to the ways in which I am conceptualizing this series. I hope that this sharing will elicit reflective thought on the ways we can engage students in their education more holistically.

Con cariño,

4 thoughts on “Introduction to Five Element Theory: vLog_2019

  • That was AWESOME! Very tangible! Teachers will be looking forward to viewing how to set up a Five-Element Classroom. This approach feels, sounds, and looks right. And I’m looking forward as a retired teacher to see and hear if I applied any of these elements in my classroom. Excited to view the next video.

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  • This is so exciting! And such perfect timing. I’ve been spending time learning about 5 elements! You’re still my guide, lady.

    (WordPress won’t let me register so I couldn’t respond there. I’m sharing this!)



  • I’m so excited for this series of how to integrate Five Element Theory, UDL, Feng Shui, and more into my future classroom! Your perspective as an educator and also as a graduate from the Institute of the Healing Arts and how that intersects with how we better understand and create learning spaces for children is one I’m looking forward to learning from.


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