Grounding Oneself During These Times

During these times of uncertainty, it is important to ground oneself and to shift out of fear and into a sense of stability. Internal stability is key as we navigate and try to make sense of the information we are receiving – much of which has been confusing, changing or even conflicting. Being out in nature and observing the trees, plants, and animals is extremely helpful in grounding oneself. In this EduSpirit video, I offer my perspective of this grounding process.

Cristina Santamaría Graff_EduSpirit vBlog_3-12-2020

With much love,

One thought on “Grounding Oneself During These Times

  • “Do not lose heart. We were made for these times.”  Clarissa Pinkola EstesYou’ve always grounded yourself in nature dear Cristina ever since you first ventured outside as a toddler and began discovering the world of rollie-pollies and snails and flowers and leaves. This is such a beautiful video to demonstrate how to center and ground oneself internally when externally there are extreme changes to the way we have been living our lives. Now that nuclear families are home-bound what a better time to rediscover nature. Reconnecting oneself in the beauties of Nature heals both the person and Nature herself. Bravo for this video!!!


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