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Thank you for your interest. On this page I will be sharing specific resources connected to my own work. To learn more about who I am in relation to this work and to EduSpirit, please go to the ABOUT tab.

Selected Honors & Awards

STAR Award. (2020). Down Syndrome Indiana. Indianapolis, IN.

Ernest A. Lynton Award, Scholarship of Engagement (2019). Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU), Brown University – The Swearer Center and in affiliation with Campus Compact

Exemplary Contributions to Practice-Engaged Research Award, (2019).  American Educational Research Association (AERA)

Brian Douglas Hiltunen Award for Community Engaged Research (2019).  Indiana Campus Compact.

Favorite Professor Recognition (student nominated), (2019). IUPUI, Athletics Advising Office

Charles R. Bantz Chancellor’s Community Scholar, (2018). IUPUI Campus. Community engagement in special education teacher preparation courses to plan and implement ‘Family as Faculty’ workshops for historically minoritized families of children with disabilities. 

Trustees’ Teaching Award (TTA) Recipient, IUPUI, (2018). School of Education

Faculty Fellow, Indiana Campus Compact (2018 – 2019). Indiana Campus Compact. Family-driven critical pedagogy: Listening to and working with Latinx families of children with disabilities through ‘Family as Faculty’ workshops. 

Faculty Fellow, Indiana Campus Compact (2017 – 2018). Indiana Campus Compact. ‘Family as Faculty’: Family-led discussions to prepare special education teacher candidates and educational practitioners to work with students with disabilities. 

Outstanding Scholarship Award,  (2015). Central Washington University.

Outstanding Teaching Award, (2013). Central Washington University.

Online Publications

Santamaría Graff, C. (2020, December 18). Embodying and enacting the “change we want to see” through a social change orientation. Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement Blog, Center for Service & Learning, IUPUI.

COVID-19: Illness and Freedom During this Uncharted Normal

Getting Started with Person-First Language

Home Visits 

Trumpectomy: An Individual and Collective Reckoning

Selected Academic Publications

Santamaría Graff, C., & Sherman, B. (2020). Models of School-Family Relations. In U. Sharma and S. Salend (Eds.). Inclusive and Special Education. New York: Oxford University Press. doi: 10.1093/acrefore/9780190264093.013.ORE_EDU-01247.R2

Santamaría Graff, C. (2021). Co-investigation and -Education in Family as Faculty approaches: A (re)positioning of power. Theory Into Practice, 60(1), pp. 39 – 50.

Santamaría Graff, C., Manlove, J., Stuckey, S., & Foley, M. (2020). Examining pre-service special    education teachers’ biases and evolving understandings about families through a Family as Faculty approach. Preventing School Failure.

King Thorius, K. A., Santamaría Graff, C., & Skelton, S. M. (2019). Rooted in legacy & holding space: Our commitment to new beginnings. Multiple Voices for Ethnically Diverse Exceptional Learners, 19(1), 1 – 3.  

Santamaría Graff, C., & Boehner, J. (2019). Forming a mutually respectful university/parent-to-parent organization community partnership through a “Family as Faculty” project. Engage!: Urban University Community Journal. DOI: 10.18060/22816 Santamaria Graff & Boehner (2019)

Santamaría Graff, C. (2019). The unbearable whiteness of being. Reflexivity of Pain and Privilege. Exploring the reflexivity of pain and privilege (Section 1). Brill Publishers.

Warren-Gordon, K., & Santamaría Graff, C. (2018, Nov/Dec). Critical Service-Learning as a vehicle for change in higher education courses. Changes, 50(60), 20 – 23. DOI:10.1080/00091383.2018.1540817 Critical Service Learning as a Vehicle for Change in Higher Education Courses

Santamaría Graff, C. (2017). “Build That Wall!”: Manufacturing the enemy, yet again. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 30(10), 999 – 1005. Santamaria Graff (2017) Build that wall

King Thorius, K. K., & Santamaría Graff, C. (2017). Extending peer-assisted learning strategies for racially, linguistically, and ability diverse learners.Intervention in School and Clinic, 1-8. DOI: 10.1177/1053451217702113 King Thorius & Santamaria Graff (2017) PALS Extensions

Santamaría Graff, C. C., & Kozleski, E. B. (2014). Calcifying sorting and segregating: Brown at 60. Multiple Voices for Ethnically Diverse Exceptional Learners, 14(2), 52-67. Santamaria Graff & Kozleski_Brown at 60

Santamaría Graff, C. C. & Vazquez, S. L. (2014). Family resistance as a tool in urban school reform. In E. B. Kozleski & K. King Thorius (Eds.), Ability, equity, and culture: Sustaining inclusive urban education reform. New York: Teachers College Press. Ability, Equity, & Culture_Chapter4

Santamaría Graff, C. C., McCain, T., & Gomez-Vilchis, V. (2013). Latina resilience in higher education: Contributing factors including seasonal farmworker experiences. Journal of Hispanic Higher Education, 12(4), 334 – 344. DOI 10.1177/1538192713494212 JHHE 2013 article

Santamaría, L. J., Santamaría, C. C. & Fletcher, T. V.  (2009). Pre-service teachers’ journeys toward cultural competence. Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education: An International Journal, 3(1).  Santamaria__et_al._DIME_2009-libre (1)

Conference Presentation Handouts

Santamaría Graff, C. C. (2017, April). Using an Applied Critical Leadership Framework to Examine Interactions between Educational Leaders and Mexicana Parents of Children with Dis/abilities. Presenting as part of a 1-hour Panel. Council for Exceptional Children. Boston, MA. Using ACL_PowerPoint Presentation_4-19-2017 and  ACL tables

Santamaría Graff, C. C. (2017, April). Using a “Families as Faculty” Model to Prepare Special Education Teacher Candidates. Presenting as part of a Paper Session titled,“Preservice Teacher Education Coursework: Curriculum and Teaching to Improve Teacher Knowledge, Understanding, and Pedagogical Practices. Division K – Section 5: Teaching and Teacher Education. American Education Research Association Conference. San Antonio, TX. Families as Faculty Presentation

Santamaría Graff, C. C. (2017, June). Exploring race, dis/ability, and status in an age of increased anti-Latinx immigrant sentiment. Strand 3: Disability Studies in Education Research, Theory, and Scholarship. Disability Studies in Education Conference 2017. St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus; Minneapolis, MN. DSE Conference_2017

Other information

Dissertation: Mexican Origin Parents with Special Needs Children: Using a Critically Compassionate Intellectualism Model to Support & Foster Their Participation in U.S. Schools Through a PAR Project (2009)

Faculty Profile

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