Link to an abbreviated EduSpirit Introduction – Welcome!

EduSpirit is a non-denominational learning and sharing space where all are included and invited to participate. It is a space committed to a higher good through which we, who are desirous of a harmoniously balanced and holistically-oriented educational system for our children, can co-create collectively a more unified vision and reality of the world we want to live in. Believing in our children and knowing that they are our future is critical. But, actively engaging in dialogue that promotes educators’ support and action to transform existing systems that no longer serve our children’s, families’, and communities’ spiritual well-being radically puts these beliefs and knowings into action.

EduSpirit is a space in which educators of all paths can connect with others who are like- minded and hearted. Many educators with whom I have worked and collaborated over the years have shared their desires to infuse spirituality, mindfulness, or heart-centered practices into their teaching and curriculum. Many are anxious of integrating spiritually-focused lessons or activities in their classrooms – from pre-school to higher education – for fear of being ridiculed, targeted as “religious,” or, in some cases, fired.

Though EduSpirit considers specific spiritual leaders, their teachings, and their writings as essential to the progression of our spiritual growth as educators, we, on this planet, have, many times, exploited, demonized, or narrowly interpreted certain universal understandings. In other words, we have attributed certain teachings to Christianity, to Buddhism, to Judaism, to Hinduism, to Islam, to Taoism, to indigenous religions and have been resistant to accepting sacred truths underlying all denominations such as – loving others as thyself – for fear of betraying our understanding of who we are in relation to our God or Universe. EduSpirit asks those in this community to embrace universal truths and to be open to spiritual knowings that connect our collective humanity: we are all worthy of love, we all deserve happiness, and we are all equal in God’s (Source’s/Universe’s/Gaia’s) eyes.

Thank you for your courageousness on this journey. As educators during these transformative times, we are being called upon to co-create a new reality for our children and for generations to come. It begins now – with simple, meaningful dialogue and action. It begins with greeting our students every day at the classroom door, at engaging them in lessons of quiet mindfulness, of teaching them to recognize the light within each of us, and of embracing everyday practices that promote spiritual growth and well-being.