Happy New Year 2020

Vision and Decade Boards, 2020

Beginning a new year and a new decade not only means looking forward to what is to come, but also taking a moment to reflect upon 2019 and the past 10 years. One way to take stock of our life’s journey is by creating annual vision boards. As explained in a video I made two years ago, vision boards demonstrate intent and bring form to these intentions. Creating consciously what we desire through active participation (e.g., writing down goals, finding images that represent our visions) sparks momentum, fuels thoughts, and grounds abstract ideas or hopes by making them more concrete.

In the following video, I discuss what it means to be thinking about vision boards as DECADE BOARDS through which to imagine and (re)imagine our life’s trajectory in patterns. What are the main themes of our lives and how do we go about manifesting the themes that we would like to experience more of? I also talk about 2019 as a year in which many of my goals did not come to fruition. How can we rethink or realign our visions so that they resonate with our highest Self? How do we handle our disappointment when our visions seem to fall flat? How do we recalibrate the way we think and feel about envisioning our present and future? These are some of the questions I answer, particularly in light of my role as an educator and a mother.

May you all have a happy and abundant new year. Much love,

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2020

  • Your vision board video of two years ago does pop up near the end of this video.As with everything, your concept of what a vision board is and represents is evolving….very positively.So good to have seen the photo of you and the girls today doing your vision boards (I assume Roman also did one).I was very moved by how you spoke about your disappointments of this past year. Those are very valuable experiences also and life-evolving.I think stepping out from the perimeter of one’s experiences to view them with more clarity is more in tune to what you found yourself doing rather than taking ten steps backwards. Actually by really doing the heart-wrenching work that you did propelled you forward not backward. And lastly just out of curiosity….is that the word lotto on your board?

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